a few simple Ingredients
eat fresh, move more,
go outside enjoy some sunshine,
laugh often, love wholly,
do things you love that make you happy,
be kind to others, be kind to yourself,
be you
make a healthful life

The Role of a Nutrition & Well-being Coach

A certified nutrition and well-being coach who has successfully completed a coaching course will have covered several areas to best be equipped to help their clients.  Usually they cover units in Coaching Theory and Practice, Human Nutrition, Physical Activity and Elective subjects.

A nutrition, health and wellness coach is not a clinical nutritionist or a dietitian. This means we work in a supportive role, engaging in our clients’ needs, enabling them with tools, accountability, encouragement and advice.  As a support role we do not prescribe medicine or offer medical advice. If you have any medical concerns, it is recommended to see your doctor or other relevant person prior to meeting with your coach. At which point, your coach can move forward assisting you with goals and be there with you whilst you implement them for better health. This can be very helpful as usually the support you have outside the surgery or practice can make a huge difference to the outcome required.

The Wild Daisy Approach


As a nutrition and well being health coach I recognise that as individuals we are all unique, we have different health needs, preferences and life paths which we want to pursue.


I will always encourage the basics of a nutrient dense diet, wholesome, fresh and full of variety, my personal approach, fresh is best. Likewise we all know that movement is an important part of anyone’s day, but I’m not here to raise the profile of the latest diet that’s sweeping the net or to promote a specific way of exercising.  Some may love the faster paced exercise like running, swimming and going to the gym or others the more gentle approach of walking, Yoga or Tai Chi. It doesn't matter what your preference is, move in away that makes you feel good.

We are all so different and one of the simple ingredients to a healthy life is being happy, so whatever type of nutritious diet, exercise or movement you choose, choose it because it makes you feel happy and feel positively fabulous.

​Questions you may have 

  • I don't know where to start

  • I've tried so many diets, nothing seems to work

  • What type of exercise is best for me 

  • I’m struggling to find the time

  • I’m on a budget, fresh foods can be so expensive

  • My family won’t eat the healthy choices 

  • I’m not a great cook, where do I start

  • There is so much conflicting information, who do I believe

As your Coach
  • Discuss your areas of concern
  • Obstacles and barrier change
  • Goal setting
  • Action Plans
  • Tools to help keep on track
  • Support and motivate
  • Information and options
Being healthy and fit isn't a fad diet or a trend it's a lifestyle
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