Today is the oldest you've been and the youngest you'll ever be again.
So own it, live it, love it for everything it is... Precious days.......

So here we are ...

Whether you are 40, 50 or beyond,the natural aging process, and the menopause are inevitable, a fact of life which we will all come across at some point. And this can affect women in many ways. Some will sail through with little disruption and minimal difficulties, others will suffer some or all the side effects that come with hormonal changes in the body.  It can be very disrupting and can really affect the way we see ourselves… but it doesn’t have to be that way, we can choose to accept these next stages of life and meet them head on….             



My Story

I suppose it was in my early 40’s that I just stepped back one day and took a good look at myself. I’d never been one to really think about self-care and spent many years either ignoring myself or quietly putting myself down. There were a few shakeups that forced me to take a good look at my life, the passing of a parent, a grandparent and others I had known. Watching people I love fighting cancer forces reflection and I knew that I needed to make changes.

I began peri menopause a little early, I was 38 when the signs began, so that was a bit of a shock. However, I decided that this was happening so the best thing to do was accept it and learn as I went along.  I'm sure I can resonate with many of you on different levels of life. I am mother, a grandmother, wife, I've struggled with anxiety and mild depression. Like most women at various times I have had an unhealthy relationship with food and body issues, diets and calorie restrictions. We have all had many experiences that have bought us to where we are now, good and bad, but here we are, and all we want is to feel great, healthy and happy. 

I have a real interest in nutrition, I’ve always loved food and over the last few years it was something I felt I needed to follow in more depth. In 2016 I enrolled at Cadence Health and over the following 15 months I completed the Certificate of Nutrition and Health Coaching.  I do believe what you eat affects many aspects of your body and mind, it is the building blocks of who we are structurally and mentally. As my new lifestyle evolved I now feel better than ever before, healthier, happier and calmer. I hope if you walk with me I can help you find the same pleasure that I have discovered.

It's not about perfection


I am certainly not perfect, and to me that is a type of perfection in itself. It means we are human, that we can move forward, discover new things and find new enjoyment in just being ourselves.

Being happy and feeling healthy will mean different things to each woman. We all have different expectations of where our life is going, where we are now, what we look like and how we feel.

This is what makes us each uniquely fabulous.

Positive ageing, just being you

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