Create a positive aging experience with a healthy, fabulous life.

Nutrition, well-being & health

for all women 40, 50 & beyond.

Today is a great day for new beginnings.  

Hello lovely ladies over 40.
Are you ready to find time for you ?
Do you feel the need to find better health? 
Do you want to prepare now, so you can age in a positive & fabulous way?
Then welcome to the wild daisy
Meet Bek, the wild daisy


Hi I am Bek and I’m the wild daisy. Why daisy?

Because I love them, they are simple little flowers that neither command nor hide but are self-assured in their own little way. They remind me of my childhood and daisy chains, of spring and new beginnings and of being at ease.

Focus Areas

  • Nutrition & food choices

  • Exercise / movement

  • Weight & body

  • Finding the right balance

  • Healthy mind

  • Healthy bones

  • Menopause

  • Wellness during & after illness or disease

  • Improving focus

  • Keeping active after retirement 

  • Other areas of concern

Coaching Programmes


The average time it takes to break or make a habit is 66 days !

The wild daisy's program is aimed to support you for long term success 

Blogging from the heart of middle aged woman 
"I am not Interested in looking younger.
I want to look healthy and radiant, I want to look like me."
Cindy Joseph Founder of Boom by Cindy Joseph.........
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